Why choose Parangat?

Our one-stop app development company in Newzealand

Why Parangat?

At Parangat, you get an incredible combination of human brain & tech advancement.

Custom Solution

We convert your idea into life. Whether it's creating something new or improving something old; Parangat combines the best of the kind with novel innovation to craft your perfect solution.


Excellence; Innovation; Simplicity; Trust; Agile-safe methodology; innovative design; creating a wireframe. We're committed to build creative tech solutions by bringing great outcomes first.

End to End Expertise

App development involves so much more than coding. Parangat has experts in Business Analysis, UX / UI Design, Testing, Documentation and Project Management. We stay with you along your journey.

Our Vision

Parangat visions are to go beyond the brief to ensure your business goals are met throughout the development lifecycle. By delivering consistent & measurable results.

Our Method to work

We work to achieve our visions

IN this digital revolution, everything is digitalized, and the app had given new wings to startups and businesses. The company is disrupting the traditional way, and showing interest in digitalized form as it has more business opportunities, & Parangat helps its client to cherish this opportunity.

We Embrace your idea

Got an idea, let’s work together to give life to the idea. Your idea & our innovative implementation can convert your idea into a successful business. Stop wondering about contact now.

Contact us now...

Our Principal

Principal & value is in Parangat DNA

Digital Business Transformation

Parangat team knit your idea and give shape to it by transiting into Digitalised Business.

We work with passion

Our energy is incessant & as we work with passion to drive to accomplish more.

Agile-safe methodology

Our team’s work with the latest agile development methods to secure our high-quality apps that are delivered post haste and are flexible for continuous improvements.

Teamwork is important

At parangat, we collaborate and work as a team to give your idea a shape. Together we can achieve more.


“Let us hear your idea and find out the best approach of developing and maintaining it..”