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Parangat has successfully delivered many projects in several countries by solving complex problems. Commercial teams rely on us. Analysts termed us a top custom software firm. Keep scrutiny and you’ll see why?

Case studies

We take pleasure and strive for excellence on the works we do

Faster Video Transfer


We take immense pride in sharing that we get an opportunity to help the founder of Latakoo to execute the idea of easily and quickly compressing and uploading their big video files in a matter of minutes instead of hours.

  • Flight- Fastest file transfer
  • Pilot- Acess file from anywhere
  • Share download and transcode
  • Hub- Download and upload automation

Local Video news platform


Keeping users informed of their surroundings and enduring them up to date about the latest news in videos news platform was envisioned by the founder of Nyooz and the parangat feel pride in sharing that we helped him to execute his idea in form of apps.

  • Catch all the India City wise news.
  • India's first city-centric local video news platform.
  • An app that filters top trending news stories.
  • Complete coverage about your city.

Why Parangat?

Streamline. Solve. Scale.

Streamline App Development

A new mobile app needs as much coverage as possible, and with our expertise, we have the best tips that can help streamline the success of your app.

Solve App Development

Our Team Provides a good User Interface. Best Marketing Strategy. App in several Languages. With Good Mobile Content. More Interactive. Attractive Design.


We understand startups struggle, so we offer a reasonable price to achieve your business agendas, and will help you to reach the peak of success.

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Having an idea, but don’t know how to implement it, not to worry turn your salient ideas into a successful business.

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Our Approach

How we develop successful Mobile Apps


Product Strategy

We help in tailoring an app of your idea that suited to your budget and business goals Before getting busy in tailoring your app we do a fair amount of market research like what device and platform do your audience use?? How do they use the device (for what purpose)? Then our team developer and designer start working accordingly.

After that, we start determining what you want in your application to embody, that deliver that to the audience and then start outlining a development timeline and strategy. We make sure that we cut off unnecessary app development costs and assemble the most valuable version of your app startup.


App Design

App Design tells the story and communicates your brands.
App design plays a vital role, as the app has to survive in millions of other apps. Keeping that in mind our team skillfully creates a design so that the app can create an engaging mobile experience that performs features of the app seamlessly so that the user forgets that they are using computer software at all.

We strategically craft the design of our app to provide professionals with grade custom products. Our app designer makes sure that our design provides experience and usability provided by our apps to drive user adoption and retention towards the market positions of our client. Our product designer is industry veterans and has successfully designed many known apps.


App Development

Our effective development is your 1st success milestone.
We just do not develop mobile apps, we build pixel perfect, high-value ios and android apps for startup and business. The best features of our company that we developed app by keeping best-in-class methodologies opposite all major platforms to accouche high-quality, well-designed mobile apps that succeed.

Our team anchors on building digital products that gain haulage and success. By applying acrobatic methodologies across all major platforms. All works that are made to adhere to the policies and rules need to robust app that gets you great market strategies.


App Marketing

A plan that makes users glued to your business.

We optimized mobile app marketing plans that reach your defined target users. AS, the backbone of any successful app campaign is to use data-driven strategies to draw a marketing plan, execute it, evaluate its results, twitch the strategy as required, and finally, deliver measurable results.

In, short we not only designed and develop, along with that we help to meet its define target through our app marketing strategies.

Our Vision

Parangat will be the app development and commercialisation partner of choice for disruptive startups and revolutionary brands globally.

Product Design Program

Let’s design something epic

Parangat App Development works with you as your technical partner and startup accelerator. The Product Design Program is our proprietary framework to deliver a best-in-class app that maximises the likelihood of successful marketplace adoption.

This includes our industry leading two day workshop process where we build an actionable Product Strategy, establish the most valuable version of your app and pave the way ahead for executing your concept.


“Let us hear your idea and find out the best approach of developing and maintaining it..”