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How we get started

Once you do inquiry our Marketing executive will respond as soon as he/she gets your inquiry..

After that our sales team will send you a copy of the Non-Disclosure Agreement, once you go through it. Will chat and discuss your idea

  • After getting in touch with you via digitally, verbally or physically we discuss your idea with the developer team.
  • Then will review your concept under Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Once we are done with reviewing, the team will analyze the cost and time.

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How Parangat proceed to work

We distribute our work in three steps

Stumble on sessions

  • This session will introduce ourselves and get to know about you and your ideas. So our team gets an idea of your app, outcome, and target you wish to achieve.

Review session

  • Once we get an understanding of your ideas, we will discuss it with our developer and designer.

Strategy session

  • After discussing your option and will calculate the estimated price and timeframe for delivery and the best strategies for delivering your concept to the app store.